NESG galleries

Structure gallery
Gallery of NESG structures with annotations and available data sets.

Human Cancer Protein Interaction Network (HCPIN) gallery
Protein - protein intraction maps of biochemical pathways known to be involved in
Human cancers. Protein nodes are shown as structures and models when available.

Markus gallery of functional annotations
Gallery of functional annotations for all NESG structures based on Markus,
which uses structural similarity and biophysical properties to provide specific
hypotheses regarding biochemical functions.

C. elegans structure gallery
Gallery of C. elegans structures and models provided by the NESG and other groups.

Prokaryotic Fe-S cluster assembly structure gallery
Schemata of E. Coli ISC and SUF operons with NESG structures and models

Eukaryotic Fe-S cluster assembly network gallery
Protein - protein interaction network of Eukaryotic Fe-S cluster assembly.