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Education and Research Training

As an academic research consortium, the NESG is a natural and rich environment for research training. Fifty-six (56) postdocs, forty-four (44) graduate students, sixty-seven (67) undergraduates, and four (4) high school students have been involved in NESG projects over the past 10 years
(List of NESG Trainees). Students and postdocs have contributed to specific methodology development and/or bioinformatics activities approved by their graduate program committees or appropriate to postdoctoral research. Many Ph.D. projects have been initiated starting from NESG pipeline projects. In addition, many undergraduates have been involved (at least part of their time) as technician assistants, employed in the CABM-Rutgers Protein Production Facility. These entry-level paid positions provide excellent basic training in techniques of molecular biology and protein chemistry. Many of these students go on to carry out undergraduate honors thesis research, and/or have moved on to graduate or medical school. In PSI:Biology, we propose to create a NESG Undergraduate Research Training Program, to expand the in involvement of undergraduate students in the NESG project.

Increasing Researcher Diversity

NESG has specifically recruited underrepresented minority students and staff to the program in order to increase researcher diversity. The proposed NESG Undergraduate Research Training Program will be used to recruit more undergraduates from underrepresented minorities. In the past 9 years, there have been 103 woman scientists in NESG consortium, including 4 co-PIs, 17 staff scientists, 16 post-docs, 10 graduate students, 20 technicians, 10 administrators, and 36 female undergraduates.

Current NESG Personnel

There are currently 123 scientists supported by the NESG PSI Project.