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The NESG has developed new technologies for high-throughput structure production, including automated construct and PCR primer design software suites, robotic methods of protein sample preparation, G-matrix Fourier transform (GFT) NMR methods for rapid NMR data collection, and software for automated NMR data analysis. Other key technologies, such as high-throughput crystallization screening, are supported by collaborations with other PSI-2 technology development centers.

Several technologies, including chaperone-enhanced expression strains, single protein production (SPP) systems, cell-free expression systems, and high throughput bioinformatic and biophysical methods for construct optimization, are being developed for addressing challenging protein targets, including some of the eukaryotic proteins which do not pass though the standard E. coli expression and structure analysis pipeline.

Data management

( vignette ) Spine - Structural Proteomics In the NorthEast

Construct design and protein characterization

( vignette ) Primer Prim'er - PCR primer design software

( vignette ) Consensus approach to predicting protein disorder

( vignette ) Construct design and optimization

( vignette ) Determination of flexible protein regions using proton-deuterium
exchange mass spectrometry (DXMS)

( vignette ) The Pxs Server: Probability of Crystal Structure

( vignette ) Protein aggregation screening using analytical gel filtration
with static light scattering

NMR structure determination

( vignette ) Rapid and automated protein NMR structure analysis of 2H-enriched
proteins using CS-Rosetta

( vignette ) NESG NMR wiki - methods and protocols for protein NMR structure determination

( vignette ) Using NMR to determine oligomerization states of proteins

( vignette ) Quantum mechanics derived 13 Cα chemical shifts for protein structure validation

( vignette ) Microscale Protein NMR Structure Determination

( vignette ) HTP NMR Screening Using Micro Cryo Probe

Target selection and Structural Bioinformatics

( vignette ) Human Cancer Protein Interaction Network

( vignette ) MarkUs functional annotation server -
interactive structure and function annotation environment